Earn 🏝️ before anyone else

  • Only 10,000 ISLAND available
  • 1 ISLAND = $500-$50,000 redeemable value
  • Value increases as Epoch Island grows
  • 100% of yield goes to buy EPOCH and fund builders on Base

ISLAND will have a silent launch on an undisclosed date to individuals who join the Islanders Waitlist ↓


How 🏝️ Works

  • Find a builder, project, or cause you want to support

  • Stake ETH or USDC into their Funding Stream

  • They earn EPOCH. You earn ISLAND.

The more you stake, the more funding you generate for builders, and the more ISLAND you earn.

Value of 🏝️

  • $0.10 → $500 per ISLAND

  • $1.00 → $5,000 per ISLAND

  • $10.00 → $50,000 per ISLAND

As the price of EPOCH increases, the underlying value per ISLAND increases.

What is EPOCH?

EPOCH is the native currency of Epoch Island. The yield generated from your stake is used to buy EPOCH and distribute it to the builders, projects, and causes you want to support.


Ready to stake the change you wish to see in the world?

Enter Discord, follow on Twitter, and join the Islander Waitlist ↓