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North Star Numbers for Network States – The Epoch Island Metrics that Matter

Epoch Island has a massive goal, create a Network State by the year 2030 — but how are we progressing on this goal?

Are we on the right path? What do we need to improve our chances to become a Network State?

While these are seemingly simple questions, they are surprisingly difficult to answer.

A big and audacious goal is inspiring, but knowing where we are on this timeline and where to go next can be overwhelming.

To simplify our path forward and ensure all Islanders are headed in the right direction, the rest of this article will outline the three primary metrics that matter for Epoch Island to focus on and guide our success.


Epoch Island doesn’t need a massive population to become a Network State, but it does need a meaningful representation of humans around the world.

After a few weeks of launching , here are a few of the numbers that give an idea of our current “population” include:

Given vEPOCH holders have voting rights and receive rewards from the Epoch Island Treasury, they may be the best representation of what our current “population” consists of.

While the above numbers can give a general sense of Epoch Island’s digital footprint right now, there may be better representative numbers to represent our population in the future.

To simplify, we believe the current north star metric for Population should be calculated as Total Number of vEPOCH holders.

More on this in a later article about Citizenship.

A Week in Review #001

  • 7 Epoch Elders Approved
  • ITO Launch Set for Jan 3rd
  • Dune Dashboard Created
  • 5 Security Audits
  • 1M EPOCH distributed to vEPOCH holders
  • 43k EPOCH distributed to beta users
  • Quorum set to 5% of vEPOCH

The full recap ↓


The flagship product of Epoch Island (ITO protocol) is scheduled to go live on January 3rd, 2024. Unlike ICOs or IDOs, Initial Time Offerings provide a risk-mitigated crowdfunding alternative where token holders retain power and control.