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Below are several of the most common questions about Epoch Island. If you read this and still have a question, ask us on X.

TLDR: What is Epoch Island?

Epoch Island is a community-owned economy. You can think of it like an onchain Silicon Valley.

What is the mission of Epoch Island?

Silicon Valley created the largest online economy in the physical world. We are on a mission to create the largest onchain economy in the decentralized world.

What is the vision of Epoch Island?

The bigger vision is to create the world’s first Network State for crypto builders

What are the Epoch Island socials?

There are no “official” Epoch Island websites or social accounts. As a decentralized economy, everyone is encouraged to create and promote their own channels.
Below are a list of current Epoch Island-related accounts.
If you would like to add your social channel to this list, DM Moai Labs on Discord.

How does Epoch Island generate revenue?

As a community-owned economy, Epoch Islanders can vote on fund any developments we feel will generate revenue.

For example, Moai Labs plans to propose a DeFi protocol with a fee switch turned on. All fees are used to buy EPOCH.

Here are some other examples of how we could generate revenue and inbound as an economy.

  • Island Infrastructure
  • DeFi Protocols
  • Real Estate Acquisition
  • EPOCH L2 Expansion
  • Legal Defense Funding

What is vEPOCH?

vEPOCH is a non-transferrable voting token of the Epoch Island.
If you have 1% of all vEPOCH, you have 1% voting power of the city and receive 1% of any EPOCH distributed to holders.