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Degen, responsibly.

Ape into projects while protecting your downside up to 99%

Stop Getting Rekt

Lock Downside

Lock any token for any amount of time (example: USDC, ETH, rETH, etc). You can always unlock early by paying a small 1-5% fee.

Receive Upside

Instantly receive token you want upside in. For example: UNI, DOGE, ETH, ARB, MATIC, etc

Avoid Getting Rekt

If your upside tokens gets rekt, return them before your lock duration ends to to unlock your original downside tokens!

You can always escape back to your original locked token for a small fee, limiting your downside to 1-10%.

User Example

John wants to buy DOGE but is worried about the price going down.

Instead of buying DOGE, John locks $1000 of USDC and receives $900 worth of DOGE.

Over one month, DOGE gets rekt and loses 50% of its value. It’s now worth $450.

John decides to return his DOGE and unlock his original $1000 USDC by paying a small $10 fee.

If John had not used Epoch’s Rekt Protector, he would be down $500 instead of $10.

In summary: John risked 1% of his USDC in exchange for infinite upside in DOGE.

The Digital Silicon Valley

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